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The stipulated terms and conditions apply to every person who accesses the website www.ikidiv.com, who hereby refers to our website or any part of it, and it is considered that you have understood, agreed and accepted all the terms of use, as mentioned below.

Any information or materials available through “ikidiv.com” and other web sites owned or provided by “iKiDiV Co.” It is protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.

We assume by your accessing and using this website that you agree to all the data stipulated in the terms of use, including but not limited to the terms and conditions stipulated below.


We have obtained registered logos and enjoy privileged rights to apply registered logos in connection with the offers associated with the registered symbols related to the trademark registrar as consistent with the provisions stipulated in the relevant law.

The company logo, name, website name, service marks, logos, final fonts and other content on the website are the exclusive property of iKiDiV Co.

Copyright policy

The content presented on this website is protected by the associated copyright law. We endeavor to make steadfast efforts to ensure that the data provided on the website is accurate, relevant and consistently useful.

Absolutely provided that you keep all available information in place in a form that is indistinguishable from its presentation on the site including copyright, trademark and other exclusive notices, you may download the data or content and view it for non-commercial use only with our prior explicit prior consent. It would be ideal if you were to ensure that every such restriction is likewise enforceable on every duplicate produced with copyrighted material.


The data available on our website has been created exclusively to provide information and stimulate the mind, regarding its services provided, awareness among all, the exercises or activities involved and assets.

Although every conceivable project is to make the website content present, original and accurate to the fullest extent imaginable, we disclaim any warranty regarding any accuracy, crowning and eternity.

Any correspondence or materials that you transfer to our site by e-mail or anything else, or the content that you post on our site, including any information, questions, notes, recommendations or something like that, will be treated as non-exclusive and non-confidential. . IKiDiV Co shall have no obligation of any kind for such data.

IKiDiV Co expressly disclaims any liability or oversight for the data on the website. IKiDiV may not be subject to any immediate, redundant or corrective damages arising from your input or use of this website.


You will endorse “iKiDiV Co” and keep us safe from any harm to our business, advantages, equipment, system, operations, or bad reputation that occurs because of your activities, including in any case not limited to any government activities, sabotage demonstrations or other strikes. And any cases of criticism, unjustified competition, infringement of any patent, copyright, trademark, verification of advantages or other licensed innovation rights, or breach of security or other harm.

Apply the Millennium Copyright Act to digital

IKiDiV tries to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (hereinafter referred to as the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”) and other materials protected by intellectual laws. IKiDiV Co will respond to a notification of alleged infringement that conforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and expel the material from public view that we have put into stock in compliance with public morals to be copyrighted material that has been wrongly copied and published by any of our individuals or clients. .