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With the continuous development of technology; The web was developing in parallel with it, barring itself a large-scale position in technological development, and with the development of cloud systems and the power of computing, the web became not only limited to content display sites, but rather expanded to include the operation of complete programs that can be used and interacted with them only through the browser.

Ecki Dev offers you a distinguished and creative team with more than 10 years of experience that guarantees you to provide web services with the best new technologies, trends and multiple programming languages ​​to suit the size of your business and execute your projects. From the idea to operating efficiently and with high quality that matches international quality and distinguishes your business in a market crowded with competitors, our motto in Eki-Dave is: a distinguished present; successful future.

We Provide High Quality Projects

iKiDiV team is always proud to execute distinguished special projects and fulfill all customers’ requirements;
We, with the diversity of programming languages of our team and its years of experience, embrace your idea and project and turn it into a successful reality.


Our team uses the best technologies and new business platforms in PHP to implement projects that can be expanded and developed, and PHP is characterized by its speed in implementing your website, and its being open source made it one of the best languages for implementing and programming the web.


Python is one of the languages most able to expand and integrate with other web programs. Our Python experience enables us to create complete programs and websites in record time and in high quality.


After the use of Javascript was limited to designing websites, the Node JS came to turn it into a programming language that can execute complete web projects so that we get the great dynamic feature in the JavaScript language with the great speed in creating projects.


Content management systems is the best, fastest and appropriate solution for your company to spread your content, services, products and businesses. At IqaveDave, we have deep experience in all modern content management systems that will enable you to excel and get started quickly in your work.

iKiDiV Is Your Perfect Technical Partner For Web Development In Turkey

Why iKiDiV?


Ten years of experience in web programming


Continuous development and the use of the latest and most secure technologies


More than 150 websites were delivered in Turkey


A dedicated management system for your project


100% web project delivery


Technical support for your project

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With iKiDiV; We offer you a distinguished service in designing and programming the web, and we move you from the dreamness of the idea to the beauty and reality of reality

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