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Are you starting your new business and still worried about achieving the difficult balance between quality of services and heavy budget?
Now, explore our Start ups offers that we designed specifically for you to achieve success in line with your budget.
Get closer to achieving your goal, with a steady pace, a thoughtful budget, And a better highlight of your company with no worries

What Are Startups?

Many different ages are now trying at the beginning of his investment project, and that has changed a lot since the technology entered the business world, where the matter previously required huge capital for the start of any project in its beginning.

Now the scene has changed and the picture has changed a lot. It has become easy to start your own investment, but the real challenge has turned instead of providing capital to how special you are in a crowded business market, and how you create with your little capital a high quality that accepts competition, to appear in the market and expand gradually and gain funding Bigger or take more market share.

iKiDiV Services For Startups

Marketing Plan

Feel your steps and flow on your long journey with your project by creating your own marketing plan with Ecky Dev. We work with you as if we are part of your system, with subtle accuracy, we design the marketing plan and then implement it in perfect harmony with you, and coordinate in the smallest details .

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Manage Social Media Pages

You deserve distinct and distinct social pages, your customers see them and realize that they finally found their goal after a journey of long, tiring research between the pages of different projects.

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Web Development

iKiDiV offers you a distinguished and creative team with more than 10 years of experience that guarantees you to provide web services with the best new technologies, trends and multiple programming languages to suit the size of your business and execute your projects.

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