Privacy Policy

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IKiDiV Co. For your safety on the Internet, it has established processes and standards to ensure the individual data you share with us. We are now, and we commit to be, at a later date, invisible to your security issues.

In terms of protecting its internet guests while providing the best services to users, iKiDiV Co. Ltd. Our Privacy Policy provides guests with perspective on iKiDiV’s security features and guarantees a safe section of the website.

The Privacy Policy is characterized by our sense of duty to take reasonable defensive measures to ensure that there is no misuse, misuse or modification of your data, in our control. Make sure that you agree to and adhere to the standards and guidelines mentioned in our Privacy Policy when you provide us with your personal information. If you do not agree with our policy, please do not use the site.

Data collected through the website

Customers or users who access the iKiDiV Co. website are requested to And they provide their data for specific services to provide some data that can actually be identified that turns into the property of iKiDiV and can be shared, disclosed or transferred to third parties who will be responsible to the privacy policy mainly in the season of such accumulation.

When you visit our site, we may naturally collect some unknown data about you, for example, the domain name that alluded to you to our site, navigation data, the type of browser you use etc. We collect this non-identifying data within, to enable us to analyze the effectiveness and enhance the marketing value and efforts of our promotional endeavors.

Review the privacy policy

We reserve all powers to correct this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we start optimizing, we will update this page from the website. We recommend that you return to this page from time to time to ensure that you are aware of any developments we have made in these policies. Unless expressed publicly, this Privacy Notice applies to all data we have about you and your record. However, we will not make material improvements to our strategies and practices to make them less defensive than any individual data collected from you in the past under previous arrangements without the consent of affected customers.

Government inquiries

We reserve all powers to share your private data to respond to properly approved data requests from the legislative authorities or where required by law. In any case, we should suggest this circumstance to you immediately. IKiDiV Co. may not order. Your consent, as the law requires that your data be shared.

Contact: For any inquiries regarding privacy strategy, site practices, or any other concerns, please contact: